A Keyboard Patented By Apple Which Can’t Be Defeated By Crumbs

Apple magical Keyboard

I’m not astonished that Apple has patented a new keyboard. But i am waiting, that when it will be launched in reality and get a chance to use it.  There is also reason to wait, are you also face same problem like me? When crumbs or dust goes under the keyboard’s button , then it is difficult to press the button. But now this problem will not exist anymore as Apple has publicized a new patent. After looking at the design, it seems that this problem is going to end forever. Earlier, we used to brush or wiper to clean our keyboard, but now this task will be automated.

Apple Crumbs Resist keyboard
Credit- The Verge

Description About Apple Crumbs Resist Keyboard :

Dirt or crumbs can be stopped to goes under the button in two ways as shown above fig. By sealing the gap off or having a mechanism that can blow out air whenever a key is pressed. Its obvious that you will be able to see only this functionality in Apple devices like macbook or keyboard. This keyboard will not only protect from dust or crumbs but also protect from liquid, such as sugar, can corrode or block electrical contacts and inhibit moving parts. Apple files a lot of patents but makes it very less available. This patent was originally registered on September 2016, to be exact 8th Sept. lets wait until, when it is converted to reality.


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