Top 10 Hacking apps for Android

Hacking apps
Hacking apps

Hacking Apps For Android

1.WPA WPS tester

The WPA WPS tester app is usually used to check wi-fi vulnerabilities but now these days people use this app for Wi-Fi hacking. If you turn on this application, they will show you the weak WiFi in the green tab so that you can easily apply a random PIN that this application has given and the WiFi password of that network can be found mainly because the app is used for educational purposes but people use this app to hack Wifi password Android. To do Postal order correctly you need to hack your smartphone to find weaknesses in the application of the network, so we recommend this app for hacking.
The first Android Remote Admin tool lets you access some remote devices from your Android device. You can control other machines with this small Android application. Most users can access some computers or smartphones using this computer. It is based on the client.
3.Warharkhark | Free
Some ink Linux users can refer to Wiserhark as the top Wi-Fi panaging tool, though it has been surprisingly put down in the last year’s list. WarrHark is the world’s largest network protocol analyst. This lets you see what’s happening on your network at a microscopic level. This is true (and often applicable) standard in most industries and educational institutions. One of Warner’s best networks [protocol] analyzer tools, if not good, is available. With Warrhead, you can analyze a network to see what’s going on. WarrHark Live Pact capture, deeper inspection of hundreds of protocols, ports can be used for browsing and filtering and multi-platforms.
DOS or service attack is a very dangerous attack because it is taking the server (computer). AnDOSid is a tool designed only for security professionals to carry it on a DOS attack (HTTP flood be accurate). This is used to infect dosage on websites or web servers using an Android device.
Hacked is one of the popular Android hacking applications, which are available in the Google Play Store for free. It is a toolbox for spy explorers, moral hackers, IT administrators and cyber security professionals who can do Google Hacking, Richinsoncing, DNG DG, Scanning Performing Explosives, Security RSS Feeds and more. This app has tools like Google Hacking, Google Drucks, Quizz Check, Ping, Treasurer etc. This app makes it easy to use tools and interesting interfaces that it is one of the best Android hacking apps for beginners.
6.WhatsApp sniffer
WhatsApp Sniffe is a great Android hacking application that works with Tundem with WhatsApp application, using this application, you can use your WhatsApp to hack personalized WhatsApp chat, photos, audio and video of your friends. You can manipulate the picture, video, account information in your pleasure, disable this antivirus before using this application, as it is easily detected by the antivirus.
7.kali Linux Net Hender
kali Linux NetAntNet is an Android-powered Nexus device and OnePlus One’s first open source intrusion test platform. It supports Wireless MBITM attacks by MANA Evil Access Point setups by clicking on Wireless 802.11 frame injection, HID keyboard, 1. Etc.
8.Wi-Fi Kill
Wi-Fi Kill is a great hacking tool for Android devices. Using this tool, it can disable the device’s internet connection when it is connected to your network. In fact, it blocks the packet data going on a device. Thanks to its easy interface, a newborn can use this Android hacking app.
One of the most popular desktop scanning applications for the desktop can be used on the Android operating system. Nmap works on both non-route and root phones If you are a disciples’ Android hacker, this hacking app is a must-have
10.Shark for root
Shark safety expert for the route and an advanced tool for hackers. This tool works as a traffic sniper and works in Wi-Fi, 3G, and FroYo tethered modes. You can use the TCPDOP command for this free hacking application for rooted Android devices.


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