New Email Security Technologies powered by XGen™

Email Security
Email Security

New Email Security Technologies powered by XGen™

Today we are excited to launch a new product, smart protection for new email security technologies and Office 365, powered by XGen™. This new service combines the benefits of both an email gateway with an integrated API solution so that Microsoft Office 365. It helps address the full threat of email attacks with security, identity, and feedback:

Protection from the following threats:

Detected powerful business email compromise (BEC) using artificial intelligence to check email for attack characteristics and intentions
When improving e-mail delivery efficiency, learning new pre-execution machines for antimalware gets unknown malware before the sandbox layer.

Detecting the threat already inside your organization:

Scans the internal email (between two users of the same organization) for fraud and advanced threats and already detects progress. In multi-level attacks, criminals sent internally to phishing emails from a trusted user through a trusted user or stolen account credentials.

Response to attacks:

On-demand scan finds malware or indicators of an attack inside mailboxes and oneDrive or SharePoint discovery and remediation.

Why Microsoft Office 365 gets more security?

Email is the favourite tool of the attacker and is responsible for 79 percent ransomware and 76 percent targeted attacks. Thus email security is one of the most important security layers in your organization, Microsoft Office 365E3 plans and there is some security against known malware using basic antivirus techniques below. The problem is that 90 percent of malware is unknown today, which requires different sets of techniques. In order to make matters worse, the success of Microsoft Office 365, in turn, became the standard for email services, it is profitable and easy, which tests the attackers against their Office for Microsoft Office 365 for QA.

XGen™ uses a cross-generational blend of threat detection methods and our customers report a 90 percent reduction in security incidents after installing Trend Micro. Smart Protection for Microsoft Office 365 includes Cloud App Security, which is an API integrated solution that connects the other layer to the basic Microsoft Office 365 security. Now customers are protected from 6 million high-risk hazards not caught with Office 365 security.

Based on our logs, a typical 10,000-user client using Cloud App Protection is protected every month from an additional 3000 known malware / URLs and Microsoft Office 365 Security has not been detected by 300 unknown malware.

New Email Fraud / BEC Check

Even training users have conflict in detecting fake CEO emails and other business email compromises (BEC) scams. Our new A. Based method imitates an expert specialist’s decision-making tree, using expert rule system, to see the attack characteristics and the intent of email. A machine learning model is then related to the rules to identify the fake email. As the CEO is more likely to deceive specific users, additional scrutiny is done on users with high investigations, which can be identified by the customer using active directory groups or entering their email address. The new method has identified 14,000 BEC emails in the last 30 days.

New pre-execution machine learning based antimalware

Last year, we introduce machine learning antimalware based on our endpoint security products and we are now the first email security vendor to integrate this technology. Since August 18th, this is available in our email gateway service (hosted email security) and our service integrated solution (Cloud App Protection). Learning with pre-execution machine works in combination with sandboxing analysis and provides two advantages. First of all, while our sandbox contains anti-theft methods, learning machine can identify malware that can save a sandbox using a new and unseen technique. Second, machine learning receives unknown malware before the sandbox layer to improve the efficiency of email delivery.

Smart Protection for Microsoft Office 365 includes these new technologies and gives you advantages of both gateway and service integrated solutions. The gateway provides pre-delivery with phishing, fraud and advanced threats, including Outbound Compliance using DLP and Encryption. Service integrated layer protects internal email, will draw and SharePoint and is able to find existing mailboxes and files for hazards. Two components are connected with single sign-on and ProtectScan technology prevents duplicate scanning.


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