YouTube Popular Song Despacito was hacked Prosox and his Hacker team


Despacito was hacked Prosox and his Hacker team

Mysteriously removed videos … The official video of Despacito, the most- watched song in history on YouTube, as well as other titles of artists like Shakira, Maroon 5 or Calvin Harris, were inaccessible on the video platform Google late Tuesday morning. On social networks, several screenshots suggested that the clips, posted on the Vevo pages of the artists, had been hacked. The title of the videos was indeed replaced by a message “Hacked by Kuroi’sh or Prosox &This hacker Team“.

Vevo clips

Since all the relevant clips have been posted on the artists ‘Vevo pages, it seems that the bug or piracy is linked to the site that hosts the artists’ clips and distributes them on YouTube and not directly to the Google platform. This is the first time that such a problem impacts clips as popular as those of Despacito, whose video has recently exceeded five billion views, a record. Neither YouTube nor Vevo gave more details about the nature of the bug.

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